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    Woodworking Tips

    Beer as a Furniture Stain

    Beer shows up in many accounts of early workshop life. Not only was it an important source of nutrition, it also served as payment for trespasses and a way to mark important days in the shop, such as when an apprentice was promoted to journeyman. Beer also shows up in …

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    ‘Houndstooth Dovetails’ – by Rob Cosman

    I recently posted on our Instagram account and Twitter feed the opening image from Rob Cosman’s 2006 article “Houndstooth Dovetails,” and it proved remarkably popular – so I figured I might as well post the article. And while that “opener” certainly benefited from good lighting, and great camera and a …

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    Working With Oak – Tips to Help You Out

    Oak is among the most beautiful woods for all kinds of woodworking projects. It’s known for being hard, durable, and when finished properly, it can look amazing! However, if you haven’t heard it yet, woodworking with oak can be a royal pain. Fear not! If you’re really up to the …

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    Tips From Experienced Woodworkers

    Woodworking encompasses a broad area of skills, specialties, and applications. Some beginners take on too much too soon or blow their savings on expensive woodworking tools and machines that they don’t know how to use and might not ever need. And even some basic techniques can be confusing or easy …

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